Blue and Blauw is a webcomic. It has attained this status by virtue of its presence on the Web, and the fact that it is a comic. It is the brainchild of Portuguese-Irish dilettante Nuno Kelly, who moved from his homeland of Portugal-Ireland in the mid-2000s to work in the Netherlands.

Moving from job to job, house to house, local bar to local bar, Nuno realised that the Netherlands was no ordinary country. It was the sort of country that celebrated crazy individualism whilst at the same time looking at strangers who did not assimilate into Dutch ways with no small amount of suspicion. In short, a country of contradictions with much to love and even more to be amused at.

Within the Netherlands sits Amsterdam, a city that is a microcosm of many things Dutch but which attracts enough non-Dutch folk to live and work that it is also a microcosm of many things non-Dutch.

It is in this city that Nuno has made his life, his career and his friends, and it is on these pages that Nuno celebrates them through stories he half experienced or maybe heard someone experienced. Or maybe he just made them up because he thought they would be funny.